Foundation Christian Academy is focused on equipping future generations with a biblical world view, preparing them to go out into the world to live a life focused on God.


Since its establishment in 2016 as a private classical Christian school, Foundation Christian Academy has provided an academically challenging and biblically-based education. We teach subjects as part of an integrated whole, with the admonition of the Lord (Genesis 19:19; Deut. 6:4-7; Eph 6:4). In keeping with that mandate we believe that a child’s education is first and foremost the responsibility of the parents; therefore, Foundation Christian Academy strives to operate as a servant to the family.



Foundation Christian Academy is focused on using a classical Christian education style.  A classical education is ideally suited to children's natural learning style.  The classical model divides the learning process into a three-stage process called the trivium.  The trivium is an instructional method that includes three elements of the classical disciplines: grammar, logic, and rhetoric.